Ariana Brophy is the songwriting equivalent of mulled wine; sweet, nostalgic, perfectly paired with a rainy evening and a fireplace. With vocal clarity that would suggest she has been singing a lifetime, she writes songs that weave heartbreak, love, hope and loss onto a canvas of stylized fingerpicking and expert harmony. Having studied theatre in Edmonton before pursuing music, she crafts her songs with a tuned eye for storyline and a remarkable ear for the moments a heart witnesses before the mind. She is adept at playing to the imagery around her and exploring what it means to genuinely feel. Her first EP ‘Ink And Water’ was nominated for an Edmonton Music Award in 2016, and her second EP ‘Sweet Things’ was released Sept 2016. The summer of 2016 saw Ariana playing Canmore Folk Music Festival, as well as singing harmonies for multiple artists at Edmonton Folk Festival. She continues to sing harmonies on almost any night, for over a dozen other musicians.

Ariana Brophy is an active singer, songwriter and collaborator in the Edmonton music scene. In early 2015, she released her first CD, titled “Ink and Water”, followed by her second album “Sweet Things” in September 2016. She has toured both across Canada, and is currently residing and making music in Montreal.